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Kenyans discover Other places to Celebrate Christmas apart from the historic Uhuru Park in Nairobi

Kenyans across the country have converged in different Entertainment points to mark the historical celebrations linked to the birth of Jesus Christ. After Kenyans went to the church to seek for spiritual guidance they further needed a place away from home for adventure and enjoyment.

It was not their wish to have Uhuru Park closed indefinitely amidst this festive season. Many businesses and business men make a living from this grounds as people have pleasure.

Innovative Kenyans have however not regretted after finding alternatives to Uhuru and Central Park. The best people choice Garden was closed by the government for renovation to take place. Recently the president of the Republic of Kenya H.E Uhuru Kenyatta asked Kenyans to trust in him about the land grabbing allegations. The president issued the statement concerning Uhuru and Central Park after investigating the 28Km express Road being constructed in the Nairobi city.

The alternative Enjoyment centers that have been fully packed are


1. Uthiru Roundabout

Uthiru Roundabout

2. Roisambu in Kasarani


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