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Apostle Joe Kayo Biography, Age, Wife, Family and Education – Deliverance Church OBITUARY

Meet Apostle Joe Kayo the founder of Deliverance Church Ministries Kenya and Uganda

Who is apostle Joe Kayo?

Apostle Joe Kayo is the founder of Deliverance Church in Kenya and Uganda, Juba Pentecostal Church and helped found Family of God Churches in Zimbabwe.


Apostle Joe Kayo was born on 5th May 1937 to poor parents in Nyamira District in Kenya.

Life History, Education and beginning of Joe Ministries

Joe Kayo hails from Kisii Community. When he was 12 years, poor Joe lost his mother. The vacuum of left by his mother led to his drop-out at class six due to tough challenges. According to the story on Joe dot Kenya ministries dot com, Apostle tried to take his life three times but failed.

Joe at a young age sunk into serious crime. At the age of 20 years old, he got sick and was admitted in Mombasa. After doctors lost hope about saving his life, some nurses decided to seek for spiritual intervention. He was taken to T.L OSBORN crusade by then.


The little Joe after hearing about Jesus Christ, he accepted the salvation of God and God healed. He was baptized by the Holy spirit and through the God’s Voice he got the command to tell the world.

This is when Joe Kayo Ministries was started in Mombasa and Kilifi. Joe then opted to move to Nyanza and later in Kampala Uganda.


Despite the challenges he had encountered at his younger age and dropping out of school, Joe Kayo never stopped learning. He continued with self education while in U.S.A. He joined Bible Studies in one University at Oklahoma city.

Education doors kept opening making Apostle Joe Kayo a TH.D and PH.D holder.

Wife and Children

Apostle Joe Kayo was a happily married man of God. His wife is known as Rose. The two got married on 3rd June 1961 and were blessed by three children (boys). They all live in U.S.A.

Sad news

Deliverance Church founder in Kenya and Uganda is dead at 86 years old age. Hi breathed his last breath on 2nd November 2023. According to the Joe Kayo Ministries, Apostle had been unwell for some time.


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