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Winnie Bwire (Sultana Actress) Stage 4 Cancer Diagnosis that made her laugh


Winnie Bwire of Sultana Citizen Tv show is battling wint Cancer. She acts as Dida. Her Full name is Winnie Bwire Ndubi. She is married to a coastal base Dan Sonko.

According to her updates the Sultana Citizen Tv actress Dida first confesses not to have enough information about cancer.

So far Winnie has undergone 8 rounds of Chemotherapy.

When doctors gave Dida AKA Winnie Bwire positive results, she laughed. She was diagnosed with breast cancer stage 4. Sultana Citizen Tv actress narrated to Chepteok Boyo in an interview.

First she says she new about her cancer status when it was too late. “The things we are taught to look for are not always there. i did not have the signs.”

Winnie started having unusual pains under the armpits when the menses came. she took no step but ignored since the swelling disappeared on its own after the menses.

The swelling came back the second time where she decided to see the doctor but found nothing wrong.

“I did not have pus or blood. I would have continued living my life till it comes and kills me.” She narrates.

Dida has always had bumps on her breasts since 13 years old two on each breast. When she made several visits to the doctor, Dida was diagnosed with stage 4 cancer. She says she laughed because according to the information this is the stage where patients are send back home to go and die. Dida did not lose hope saying she had to fight on.

More on Winnie Bire (Sultana Tv show actor/actress) Cancer battle to follow……

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