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Who Killed Tom Osinde? Body found dumped in River Kuja – Migori

Ex-Treasury official Tom Osinde is dead, Body found in Migori Kuja River.

Ex-Treasury official Tom Osinde’s body found in river Kuja in Migori. This is according to the report shared by the police.

Apart from the police report, Tom Osinde’s brother Enock, too, posted on social media sharing the sad news to the public.

"Thank you, friends, for your outpouring of love, prayers and support during my brother's search. Unfortunately, the outcome isn't the one we anticipated. Tom was killed and his body was found in Migori County. Please continue praying for us as we try to come to terms,” 
Enock said in a post.

The former treasury official Tom Osinde was reported missing two weeks ago while travelling to his rural home located in Nyamira.

As Tom Osinde Missing news went viral, his V8 vehicle was found abandoned with a missing number plate.


Yesterday, a few suspected individuals linked to his disappearance were arrested and are currently helping the police to fish out who killed Tom Osinde.

The suspects are said to be Tom Osinde’s workers. They work for him in Trans Mara, where his V8 was found.

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