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Osinde Mokaya Missing, Car Found Abandoned in Kilgoris

Car to Missing Osinde Mokaya found totally vandalised. He is the former Treasury Official.. His full name is Fred Tom Mokaya Osinde. He was also a Chief Official at Ruto’s office.

The former treasury official was reported missing on Saturday, June 24th 2023 while he was addressing the press.

After the missing news went viral, Osinde’s Car has been recovered in Trans mara West, Narok County. The vehicle is a black Toyota Land Cruiser. It is reported with a missing number plate, car radio, car battery, and dumped at Sigawa area.

This incident has been confirmed by Trans mara West Police Commander Jamleck Ngaruiya. According to his statement, the car has been positively identified by Osinde Mokaya’s son named Stephen Mokaya.

“On June 22, police received information from members of the public that there was an abandoned vehicle in Ilpashire upon which they visited the scene and found that there was a Toyota Land Cruiser V8 whose number plates had been removed. Osinde’s son, Stephen Mokaya, positively identified his father’s vehicle which was missing a battery and radio. We found some documents in the vehicle which are assisting us with investigations." He says.

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