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What is Velo in Kenya, Price, How to use, and Side Effects

What is Velo?

Velo is a product that is sold in Kenya. It is indicated to contain nicotine, which is additive to consumers allegedly abused by youths in Kenya.

After a vivid explanation placed on the Parliament floor by the Member of Parliament Sabina Chege, she also paused heavy questions to the health cabinet Secretary Susan Nakhumicha.

Sabina Chege asked the CS to explain to the lawmakers the pharmaceutical components of the Velo substance in Kenya, not forgetting its addictive nature and side effects of the said drug.

This was during Cabinet Secretary Susan Nakhumicha appearance to the National Assembly.


Velo in Kenya has been noted to have a package with only one usage precautionary measure.

Velo is now in Kenya.

Warning: This product contains nicotine and is addictive.

Reads the warning on the Velo package.

According to the vibrant Member of Parliament Sabina Chege, Nakhumicha should come clear and explain to the nation regulatory mechanisms that the ministry This should be in relation to restrict access to the Velo substance from minors in Kenya.

In addition to the Velo effects question mark, the health ministry should also determine if Velo is a rebrant of ‘Lift’ that was banned by the government in 2019.

While on the Parliament floor, Sabina Chege had her self samples of Velo products in Kenya, which she said they are easily available in the city.

The substance sold in Kenya is the one that has a higher level of addiction. If you walk to a petrol station, you can buy it, and they don’t even ask for an identification card.

I can tell you out of the experience just to understand how it works. For five minutes, velo takes you to heaven and quickly brings you back to Earth.

Sabina Chege says.

Velo price in Kenya, Side effects

Velo exists in Kenya as of 2023 at a very affordable price. It has a couple of side effects to its users, including dry mouth/lips, constipation – lack of enough water, nausea, and sleep disturbance.

In conclusion, Members of Parliament in Kenya are now calling on the government through the Ministry of Health under Cs Susan Nakhumicha to ban the sale of the Velo, brand of nicotine pouches in Kenya.

LYft – a product that was banned in Kenya in 2019.

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