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What Caused Sultana Citizen Tv actress BI SALAMA (REHEMA RAJAB) death?

  1. Who died in Sultana Citizen Tv show?

    Rehema Rajab died. She acts as Bi Salama in Sultana Citizen Tv show.

  2. When did Bi Salama die?

    She died on 21st of February 2022.

  3. What Caused the death of Rehema Rajab (Bi Salama)?

    The cause of death remains unknown.

  4. Who are the main actors and actresses in Sultana Citizen Tv show?

    1. Sultana
    2. Jabali Junior
    3. Major Jabali
    4. Bi Ua


Sultana Citizen Tv show Actress Bi Salama died. Her real name is Rehema Rajab. She died on 21st of February 2022.

Bi Salama is also a popular Maisha Magic East Actress. She is largely known as Mama Jinale. She once featured in Pete.

Fans including TV Anchors have played tribute to the Entertainment icon expressing how heartbroken the industry will suffer.

Some of the Journalists who opened their inner feelings include, Lolani Kalu Former NTV Journalist, Rashid Abdallah and Lulu Hassan both Citizen Tv News Anchors.

Rehema Rajab Death Cause

Rehema Rajab cause of death is the key Question. The cause of death remains unknown. any information prior to the caue of death. Setting this aside, let’s review how she is currently playing her role perfectly.

In Sultana Citizen Tv show, she is given a role as a Mid-Wife (Mkunga). She helps Majors Wife Bi Ua despite being a Royal family.

Bi Salama finds her self in a fix. She is expected to raise the new born baby by her self after the mother passed on while giving birth.

Kenyans will miss Rehema Rajab. May her soul rest in Peace.

Bi Salama – Sultana Citizen TV Replacement

Who will Replace Bi Salama of Citizen Tv show?

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