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Utamaduni Day 2023, Mama Rachel says Talanta Hela will help Showcase Kenya’s Heritage

Utamaduni Day 10th October 2023 held at Bomas of Kenya in the capital city – Nairobi.

Her Excellency Mama Rachel Ruto is the wife to the Fifth President of the republic of Kenya. Speaking at Bomas of Kenya on Tuesday 10th October 2023 during the Utamaduni day celebrations, First Lady bowed to the Kenyan culture saying it plays a very pivotal role in the country.

First Lady Rachel Ruto indicated that the government is dedicated to promoting all forms of national and cultural expressions.

In the country Kenya, culture is one of the integral part in the nation promoting tourism and attracting investments.

We need to continually come up with novel ways to market culture while protecting its intellectual property.

She said.

Mama Rachel Ruto continued by expressing her support for the popular Talanta Hela initiative. She said Kenya has only one way to ensure Kenyan products are recognized globally and this is by showcasing its heritage. This is by following the Talanta Hela initiative path.

Courtesy: Mama Rachel Ruto Full speech on Utamaduni day by Citizen tv

Courtesy- Video by: Citizen Tv

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