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Top Politician breaks COVID-19 rules – Sakaja

It appears that the woes against Nairobi Senator Johnson Sakaja are yet to be over as it has emerged that police officers are hunting for him to arrest him for the second time for breaking the COVID-19 rules.

Reports indicate police officers visited the residence of the senator on Saturday after he was released from police custody. The officers waited for him at the entrance of his residence but were not successful.

Reports indicate that senior officials in the government had demanded to know why the senator was arrested despite being found breaking the COVID-19 regulations.

Sakaja was allegedly arrested on the night of Friday, July 17, at a ladies’ lounge in Kilimani area while drinking in the company of his friends. The officers requested the senator to leave the club but he did not agree.


He was arrested and detained in police custody where he allegedly issued threats against the police officers.

Reports indicate that the senator threatened to have the officers transferred for arresting him.

It is also alleged that Senator Sakaja was offered an opportunity to be released on bond but refused.

The Jubilee party politician was then released the next day.

Senator Sakaja through a statement on social media denied being arrested citing that he has never been arrested and will never be.

Sakaja has, however, not commented on the recent reports indicating that the police officers were after him to make a second arrest.

Kenyans on social media criticized the politician for breaking the COVID-19 rules instead of leading as an example in upholding them.

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