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Think before you talk. Uhuru Responds to Kinoti’s Move on PEV

President Uhuru kenyatta response harshly to the retrieval of cases of post-election violence that took place the year 2007.

The president Batali informed doors in offices to think before they talk, and think before they take action because during his handshake with doctor William ruto sold everything and all was buried in the Forgotten grave.

He said people should think about the repercussions of the move they are talking or taking to the key subjects of the issue.

Used to this forum to assure Kenyans that even the ppi is also as a result of the handshake whereby the NASA Brigade and the Jubilee Brigade were not in agreement at all the Year 2017 after election. But they have come together and resolve everything and nobody wants to remember what happened during that year.


Even jokingly reminded raila odinga of what happened after he used his position to fight back and whip the NASA people as that time Raila was the leader

Kenyatta also said that issues on social media are not of any importance and that forced him to exit the social media issues since they were giving him sleepless night.

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