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Ruto shocks hustlers with the BBI U-Turn

Dp Ruto shocks his movement after he makes a u-turn on the BBI. He says after a consensus he will be announcing the new way to avoid a Yes – No referendum but have a Yes – Yes.


Which way Dp Ruto?

He says he is entitled to a CONSTITUTIONAL duty to assist his boss, the PRESIDENT. He states that they have made IMPROVEMENTS to BBI post – Bomas. Now working on CONSENSUS for Kenyans to have REAL CHOICES to decide /vote while avoiding yes/no, all/nothing DIVISION. “We avoided lose-lose we can overcome win-lose to achieve a WIN-WIN.” Dp says

Which way Dp Ruto?

He again urged his followers not to rush into Predictions since the BBI founders have not yet appreciated the Consensus.

Rush NOT to CONCLUSIONS or pretense to PROPHECY. I’ve received OVERWHELMING FEEDBACK (All shades) from Kenyans. ASANTE. The FURY of political MERCHANTS desperate to ENCASH (Like they did COVID19). A DIVISIVE referendum is shockingly EVIDENT. Possibility of CONSENSUS is their nightmare.” He added


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