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President Uhuru Kenyatta and Deputy William Ruto in hot soup after failing and shouting at each other

Labour day claim

Sunday 1st May Labour day was marked at Nyayo stadium. Kenyans turned up in thousands to mark the historical day of workers.

The chief executive speaker H. E president Uhuru Kenyatta used the given platform to deliver his speech. Positively Kenyan workers received an increment of about 12% to their salaries.

On the other hand, Kenyatta used the same platform hitting at his deputy William Ruto for failing to perform his duties.

The president who said in bitterness claimed Ruto has failed the government. He has not delivered his duties as tasked by the Kenyan constitution.


Instead, Kenyatta says William Ruto is busy misleading Kenyans with accusations.

The president who was on top of his voice even throwing hands claimed Ruto has not offered to help when he needed assistance.

Ruto Hits back to Kenyatta

After the speech video went viral, Deputy President William Ruto did not hesitate to reply. Through his social media, he wrapped the video with two sharp ended points.

First, he apologises and feels the pain the president is going through. “SORRY my Boss.I FEEL your pain.

Ruto after being sorry he also extends the finger of failure to the other key figures in the government. He says he carries no blame since there are people who were assigned by tye president to perform his duties.

“Those you ASSIGNED my RESPONSIBILITIES & ‘project’ mzee have let you DOWN miserably.They bangled our BIG4,killed our party & wasted your 2ND term.Wao ni bure kabisa.Boss,am AVAILABLE.Just a PHONE call away.Sadly last CABINET was 2yrs ago.” Ruto replies.

In Hot soup

The two state leaders have found themselves in hot soup.

Kenyan’s after analysing the two conversations have expressed mixed reactions not sparing either of them.

Some have rebuked Deputy President William for replying to his boss in public.

Here are the Reactions;

1. If you are a man of honor (which I know you aren’t)why haven’t you resigned?
You are the most DISHONEST person this country has ever seen….
You say that your jobs were given to someone else? Why didn’t you resign? Why have you been drawing salary unashamedly for no work done?

2. Ghost worker who is just earning tax payer money for doing nothing but kufungua mdomo inanuka anajua sana what are you doing in office if you think you are so superior why not resign and have all the time in the world real men do resign and do their things outside government

3. The President is not at pain, he is surprised that those who are supposed to help Kenyans are using millions of their looted billions to brand themselves poor for the sake of winning elections.

4. My small advice dp ruto; leadership requires that other responses are better kept sway from the public. U don’t need to necessary respond to every action u think is targeted at u.

-he has been doing that all along… sasa madharau imepita kiasi… kwani atamjibu wapi? Did the president throw tantrums in private? public tantrums are managed publicly !!

5. The 48 Laws of Power Summary
1. Never Outshine the Master
2. Never Put Too Much Trust in Friends, Learn How to Use Enemies
3. Conceal Your Intentions4. Always Say Less Than Necessary
5. So Much Depends on Reputation .You should read this book frequently you’re messing up.

6. DP is talking as if RAILA is a Ugandan and a country called Kenya was meant for him and UHURU only.Such kind of leadership mentality isn’t good for any country.All Kenyans deserve to be part of the government not just the two leaders who have won the elections,let’s put at Heart

7. Let them carry their own cross for failing Kenyans. Things are tough and all Kenyans are feeling burdened with the current state of economy. Where are his advisors who he gave out the roles assigned from the office of the Deputy President of Kenya? Hakika Mungu halali.

8. It’s very frustrating that it’s been few days after Uhuru Kenyatta said he is incharge of the government but the anger in him that he portrayed today clearly showed the falling apart of the handshake. Bitter truth is Kenyans have already decided its going to be a hustler nation.

9. Blame game is too much.Can we know the real truth of what transpired bwana Deputy? You keep blaming baba for political reasons yet Uhuru is an senior citizen who knows what he is doing? Ulimfanyia Mr President nini that hakitaki this much? please help me understand.

10. He seems to forget Executive Order no 1 of 2018 Where He withdrew DP responsibilities and handed them over to CS. Time for Change is now. Heavenly Watchers Have Announced that all men may know that the heavens do rule in Men’s Kingdoms. God has Chosen WSR to Lead as 5th President.

The Deputy President William Samoei Ruto is NOT an Appointee of President Kenyatta. He was Elected by 8million Kenyans. Makasiriko pelekea mummy.

Mr. Ouru Kenyarra, it’s on record raila odinga has been your deputy president since the handshake. You can’t blame Dr. Ruto for your failures at all.

Kenya kwanza leaders

1. Kipchumba Murkomen

President Kenyatta is now regretting that his handshake scheme to sideline Deputy President worked against him. In 2019 he issued Executive Order No.1 stripping the DP of any responsibilities which left him exposed,clueless and rudderless. He has no one to blame but himself.

2. Moses Wetangula

President Uhuru,restrain from exhibiting unnecessary,unhelpful and potentially harmful anger. As the c-in-n, you may be tempted to do the “lunatic unthinkable!” Unity is not uniform, appreciate criticism.

3. Senator Susan Kihika

When you were chest thumping, firing us left, right & center and assigning the duties of your Principal Assistant to your sycophants you forgot the clock was ticking and the buck stops with you! Now carry your FAILURES with the same energy and stop SHOUTING. Too little too late!

This being an election year, Kenyas have been urged to choose leaders who deliver their promises. The Kenya Churches Association have also called upon Kenyans to remain calm and exercise peaceful politics as the country heads to 9th August 2022.

Tambua Africa never take sides in politics. This content has been sieved from Twitter Reactions.

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