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KNEC issues new guidelines in registration and transfer of CBC learners

Kenya Education News 28th April 2022: Kenya National Examination Council (KNEC) is a body that oversees National Examination in the country.

KNEC has issued fresh guidelines on registration and transfer of learners. This follows a registration deadline that will see all Candidates registered by 14th May 2022.

The registration process started on 27th April 2022. It involves registration of:

1. Grade 6

Grade 6 is the first CBC class. Learners in grade 6 will sit for the Final primary assessment test in December. Registration of Grade 6 learners is also in progress. Grade six KENYA PRIMARY EDUCATION ASSESSMENTKPEA will be replacing KCPE.


2. Class 8

Class 8 learners are also in the registration process. KCPE 2022 is scheduled for December 2022.

3. Form 4

Form 4 is the last class in Secondary school. Form 4 candidates 2022 will also have their national examinations (KCSE) in December according to the 2022 2023 academic calendar.

As the government lays strategies to streamline the education sector, Teachers, Learners and Others stakeholders have been urged to stick to the Education rules and regulations.

KNEC: Guidelines on registration and Transfer of learners for CBC learners.

Here is what you should know about registration and transfer of learners ? Without fading the message from the KNEC, here are all the points as they appear on the brochures.


  1. All learners shall be registered in the KNEC system at Grade 3. Headteacher shall access the CBA portal: using the school’s username and password.
  2. Learners not in the KNEC system at Grade 4 and 5 can be registered by both the Sub-county Director of Education and the Headteacher.


  • Learners transferring school in Grade 4 and 5 should go to the Sub-county Director of Education to be transferred in the KNEC SYSTEM if the Headteacher is unable to do so.
  • The learner must provide assessment number to facilitate the transfer process.
  • The Sub-county Director of Education shall access the CBA portal: using the CP2 username and password.
  • The Headteacher shall search the learner and click transfer request button once the learner is found.
  • The school where the learner was, will receive the transfer request and click Accept/Decline button.
  • The learner will be transferred to the new school upon acceptance by the Headteacher.

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