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Political Parties (Amendment) Bill, 2021/2022 – MPs Decide

Kenyans on twitter react after the Tanga Tanga Movement under the UDA party lack numbers to stop the Amendment Bill. The Kenya Parliament session were recalled to discuss and amended a law that guards the political Parties under a given Alliance.

As Kenyans had the information about Deputy President William Ruto, his 150 mps in Parliament could have failed passing the bill if all could have voted no. But this has been a disappointing result after a whooping 113 Members of Parliament voted Yes and only 68 were for a no.

From this results Kenyans have taken the whole process on twitter congratulating those who succeed and urging those MPs who lost next time to play their cards correctly.

Not living out Member of Parliament who has created an online discussion raising her claims and we quote “They’ve bulldozed the bill.”


Tambua Africa is still flowing the Parliament special season proceedings and will be analysing it accordingly.

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