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Peter Salasya on climate change, MP reacts after critics

Member Of Parliament fails to explain the meaning of Climate Change

MP Peter Salasya’s Struggle to Explain Climate Change

Recently, a video of Mumias East Member of Parliament, Hon. Peter Salasya, struggling to explain the meaning of climate change went viral, creating a buzz on social media. The incident has become a trending topic and has attracted a significant amount of attention.

In the video, Salasya appears to be caught off guard by the question and fumbles in his attempt to provide a coherent response. His lack of understanding on the topic has sparked criticism and led to widespread discussion among netizens.

However, Salasya has expressed his discontent with the criticism, urging his detractors to focus on other matters. In a statement, he boldly asserts, “Kwendeni na kizungu yenu!” (Translation: “Go on with your English!”), dismissing those who have been keen on discussing his remarks about climate change.


In a surprising turn of events, Nairobi woman representative Esther Passaris has come to Salasya’s defense, stating that he will soon grasp a better understanding of the concept on climate change. Passaris’s support has further deepened the conversation surrounding the incident.

Although Salasya’s struggle to explain climate change has elicited mixed reactions, it highlights the need for public figures to be well-versed in important topics such as environmental issues. This incident serves as a reminder of the significance of informed decision-making and the responsibility that comes with holding public office.

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