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Francia ‘Nyawira’ Mina Biography, Origin, Tribe, Nationality and Roots

Meet Francia Mina Colombia’s Vice President with Kenyan roots

Francia Mina, Colombia’s Vice President with Kenyan roots, was among the delegates who had the opportunity to address the attendees at the Africa Climate Summit 2023 hosted by President William Ruto at the Kenyatta International Conference Centre.

During her address, Mina, dressed in a beautiful mauve dress, spoke passionately about the urgent need for proper solutions to combat the challenges of climate change. As she spoke in Spanish, an interpreter helped convey her message in English to the audience.

After Mina concluded her speech, President Ruto, who was moderating the session, expressed his gratitude and revealed that the Colombian leader has ancestral ties to Kenya. It was disclosed that Mina’s roots can be traced back to Kenya, with her Kenyan name being Nyawira.

The name Nyawira is of Kikuyu origin, an ethnic group in Kenya. It is a feminine name that signifies a hardworking person. In Kenyan culture, the name Nyawira is popular and is often given to girls whose parents have high expectations for their strength and independence. Additionally, the name Nyawira carries the meanings of being industrious, always busy, unafraid of hard work, and a valued asset to their community.


Francia Mina was born in Yolombó, a village located in the Cauca Department of Colombia. She began her activism at the age of 13, when her community faced potential displacement due to the construction of a dam. Her dedication to fighting for the rights and well-being of her community eventually led her to the position of Vice President of Colombia.

Full NameFrancia Márquez Mina
Date Of BirthBorn 1 December 1981
Age41 Years Old
Net Worth$5 million
Place Of BirthSuarez, Colombia

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