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NMG Fearlessly hits back at CS Moses Kuria Utterance

Who is Moses Kuria?

Hon. Moses Kuria is a Kenyan citizen, politician and the current Cabinet Secretary (CS) for Investments, Trade and Industry having been appointed by President William Samoei Ruto under the Kenya Kwanza Government.

Before being a Cabinet Secretary, Mr. Kuria was a Member of parliament for Gatundu South.

Why is Cs. Moses Kuria Trending?

Cabinet Secretary moses Kuria on Sunday and Monday has been trending on social media after hitting hard at a Kenyan Media house (Nation Media Group). Kuria on Sunday cautioned all all government departments trading with Nation Media that they will face immeasurable consequences.

Cs Kuria sounded fire to media industry, Natin Media saying the company should decide whether its a gazette, a broadcasting house, a media house or an opposition party.


Speaking in Swahili, Kuria said, “I say from today, any government office that i will see advertising with Nation Media, you will go home.”

“Kwa wale malaya wa Agha Khan pale Nation Centre. You can still advertise auctioneers and funeral announcements. We will not stop those.” Kuria posts on Twitter.

Moses Kuria spits at Nation Media Group

“We will fiercely guard our watchdog role,” Nation Media Group hits back at Cabinet Secretary Moses Kuria.

"The Nation Media Group strongly condemns the unprovoked verbal attack by Moses Kuria, the Cabinet Secretary for Ministry of Investments, Trade and Industrialisation for undisclosed grievances. The trade CS, in public address on Sunday, vowed that he would not allow any government agency to advertise in the Nation, essentially declaring a commercial war on the media house.
Later on, Cs Kuria posted on his official Twitter handle, in unbelievable derogatory language, a statement that insulted Nation staff as well as the Principal shareholder of the group, His Highness the Aga Khan who has invested immensely in the development of Kenya and Africa at large."
Reads part of the statement.

Kenya Union of Journalists’ message to Moses Kuria

Kenya Union of Journalists' message to Moses Kuria
Kenya Union of Journalists’ message to Moses Kuria

Lawyer Miguna Miguna gives his piece of advice to government officials

"I believe I would be speaking for millions of Kenyans, many of them those who voted for President @WilliamsRuto and support his government, when I remind senior members of his government, especially cabinet secretaries, principal secretaries and heads of parastatals and other important arms of state, that:
a. Power comes with immense responsibilities.
b. Whatever you say or do when holding public office carries significant weight and reflects on your office and the government you serve.
c. Power is transient. You may have it today and lose it tomorrow. Always remember that.
d. Ultimately, whatever you do or say should serve public good and advance public interests. If it doesn’t, avoid it.
Just my 2 cents, offered in good faith"
Miguna Posts on his official Twitter account.

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