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Nigro Blak Presidential candidate 2022 General Elections Biography & Manifesto

Nigro Blak formerly Ogillo Mark Pascal is an independent candidate contesting for the presidential position in 2022 General Elections.

He is a 38 year old Kenyan lawyer, former university student leader, running for presidency of Kenya.


Official NameOjijo, Ogillo Mark Pascal
Political NameNigroBlak
Date of Birth April, 5th 1983
Age38 Years
Primary school Asego Primary School,
Secondary school Maseno National School,
University/ College University of Nairobi, law degree, bachelors
CertificatesBachelors Degree
Children Has Children
Net-worth Undisclosed
Email[email protected]
Hobbies Undisclosed

Nigro Blak Campaign Manifesto – 25 Point Summary.

  1. Replacing ALL 5,000 senior civil servants, CEOs, board members, heads of departments, in police, army, parastatals & embassies to disband cartels and stop corruption;
  2. Offering free basics-water, electricity, data, education, treatment, and mortgage;
  3. Eradicating slums by building 3 million apartment units in all 47 county headquarters within 12 months;
  4. Creating 15 million jobs;
  5. Making Kenyan tribes, counties, and regions equal. 47% of revenue shared EQUALLY, 1% of revenue per county; 13% of revenue shared on one man one shilling vote, EQUITABLY.
  6. Disbanding the colonial, corrupt and oppressive national police and DCI, devolving them to counties, and creating new Kenya Bureau of Investigations, KBI, and a new Marshall Service;
  7. Transforming Kenya from third world to first world by attracting Kes. 300 trn by selling our Kenyan passports to 2 million rich global investors, each paying us 200m for instant passport, to finance infrastructure development, manufacturing, R&D, leadership in military, health, education, and food security;
  8. Reform education to 2 years nursery, 6 years primary, 3 years secondary, 2 years polytechnic, and 2 years in army & public service to get experience and learn discipline of work;
  9. Connecting all county capitals via electric trains and dual 3-lane highways;
  10. Creating food security and improving rural incomes through reforming agriculture from political regional crops to high-income generating crops, green houses, vertical agriculture and technological agriculture;
  11. Legalizing prostitution, marijuana, abortion, chang’aa and homosexuality;
  12. 75% urbanization through rapid rural-urban migration, and transformation of all county capitals into planned cities.
  13. Reducing debt and debt repayment to 10% of revenue through increasing concessional, zero interest loans; joint ventures, public private partnerships & private equity and venture capital financing;
  14. Reduce cost of living through liberalized import policy, ELIMINATING subsidies, manufacturing ALL basic goods and services, sharing prosperity through reforming capital markets and mandatory listing in stock markets of all entities which control 20% market share, including parastatals;
  15. Disbanding senate and reducing MPS to 98, disbanding EACC, and all authorities and boards which are not income generating or regulatory;
  16. Demilitarize the civil service, disband provincial administration of county commissioners, chiefs, and regional commissioners, remove military from police, prisons, KMC, Kenya ports, and other civilian entities.
  17. Making Kenya LEADER OF AFRICA AND BLACK NATIONS by being permanent member of United nations security council; making Kiswahili an official UN language; 24. Create a black nations military alliance, to counter NATO, China, and Russia, and be a guarantor to sovereignty of African nations from aggression of NATO and other foreign forces;
  18. Making Kenya the manufacturing capital of Africa, with free electricity, and investment, building manufacturing city in Kisumu;
  19. Making Kenya the capital of finance in Africa, creating Kenya export-import bank, transforming our banks into continental banks;
  20. Making Kenya the military leader in Africa, with 2 million active duty soldiers, and 5 million reserve forces,
  21. Making Kenya the infrastructure leader in Africa, connecting all 54 African capital cities with high speed electric passenger and goods trains; and low cost intercontinental airway.
  22. Making Kenya leader of entertainment in Africa, the LA/Hollywood of Africa, creating entertainment city in Kwale;
  23. Make Kenya leader in hospital care, health capital of Africa, new india, building health city in Turkana.
  24. Making Kenya the transit capital of Africa, with global transit city in Kilifi, with port and airport for access, and connection to all African cities;
  25. Making Kenya leader in education of Africa, highest number of universities in Africa, creating University City in Garissa, 100 universities, polytechnics, and high schools, in one city.

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