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Maurice Ogeta Raila’s bodyguard says he was questioned for 3 days

“I was questioned for 3 days by my cruel abductors.” Maurice Ogeta Raila Odinga’s bodyguard claims.

Azimio One-Kenya party leader Raila Odinga’s bodyguard breaks silence, giving a detailed narration of his rough experience in the hands of the police for 3 consecutive days.

“Maurice Ogeta, bodyguard of Raila Odinga, was released from police custody a few minutes to 1:00am. He was driven while blindfolded and left in the middle of the road in Ruai towards Kangundo.” Etale wrote.

He was snatched while driving to his work on the first day of Azimio Demos called by Raila Amolo Odinga on Wednesday morning.


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