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Malkia Strikers Players Full List, Volleyball Updates 2023 and Coach

Malkia Strukers is a Kenyan women’s national team. The team represents Kenya in the international volleyball competitions.

The Malkia Strikers volleyball team has established a remarkable legacy of dominance on the African continent since the 1990s. With their exceptional skills, unwavering determination, and relentless teamwork, they have secured victory in the Women’s African Volleyball Championship on multiple occasions.

This incredible achievement not only reflects their immense talent but also serves as an inspiration to aspiring talented players across the region. The Malkia Strikers continue to set new standards of excellence, solidifying their position as one of Africa’s most successful and celebrated volleyball teams.

IN Summary


Malkia Strikers is the national women’s volleyball team of Kenya. Here are some notable players who have represented Malkia Strikers:

  1. Moim Mercy – KCB: A powerful outside hitter, Mercy Moim is one of the key players for Malkia Strikers. Her attacking prowess and leadership skills have made her an important asset for the team over the years.
  2. Trizah Atuka – Pipeline: Trizah Atuka is a skilled middle blocker for Malkia Strikers. Her ability to read the game and execute timely blocks has earned her a reputation as one of the best defenders in the team.

Here is a comprehensive list of other players for the volleyball team:

1. Setters

  1. Emmaculate Nekesa – KCB
  2. Esther Mutinda – KCB
  3. Veronica Kilabat – KDF
  4. Rose Magoi – Kenya Pipeline

2. Opposite attackers

  1. Sharon Chumba – Aris Thessaloniki, Greece
  2. Loice Simiyu – Kenya Pipeline
  3. Pamela Adhiambo – Kenya Pipeline

3. Left attackers

  1. Veronica Adhiambo – Tarsus Belediyespor, Turkey
  2. Juliana Namutira – KCB
  3. Leonida Kasaya – Pipeline
  4. Jemimah Siango – DCI
  5. Yvone Wavinya – Prisons

4. Libero

  1. Delphine Misoki – Prisons
  2. Agripina Kundu – Pipeline

5. Middle blockers

  1. Edith Wisah – KCB
  2. Belinda Barasa – KCB
  3. Lorine Chebet – Prisons
  4. Gladys Ekaru – Pipeline

6. Coaches

Malkia Stikers Coaches are Luizomar de Moura, a Brazilian volleyball coach, and Paul Bitok, a Kenyan volleyball player turned coach.

Luizomar de Moura

Luizomar de Moura is known for his extensive experience in coaching women’s volleyball teams, including Malkia Stikers, the national women’s volleyball team of Kenya. He has achieved several accolades throughout his coaching career and is highly respected in the volleyball community.

Paul Bitok

On the other hand, Paul Bitok, a former professional volleyball player, brings his expertise and understanding of the game to the coaching staff of the Malkia Stikers.

Both coaches play a vital role in developing and guiding the team towards success in international competitions.

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