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Andrew Mukite Musangi Biography, Place of Birth, Age, Family and Net-Worth

Who is Andrew Mukite Musangi?

Andrew Mukite Musangi is a Kenyan citizen currently nominated by President William Ruto to take over as the Chairperson of the Central Bank of Kenya (CBK).

He is also the son-in-law to the late billionaire Chris Kirubi.

His appointment comes after the exit of Mohammed Nyaoga, whose tenure at the CBK bank came to an end on June 17th.

Before landing this new position, Mr Musangi has been an advocate of the High Court. He also served as Senior Consultant at LJA Associated LLP.


This is a law firm whose portfolio of clients is characterised by players in the financial services sector, including banks, insurance companies, parastatals, and other government agencies.

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