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Magunas Supermarket Utawala spotted forcing Customers buy goods worth 5000/=

Latest news from Magunas Supermarket in Utawala has indicated that customers are forced to buy goods worth Ksh 5,000 before purchasing subsidized flour.

Reporting this issue about Magunas Supermarket, the top blogger Robert Alai asked the Government to come in and arrest the owner for violating the authoritative directive issued last week.

“Magunas supermarket Utawala. You can’t buy maize flour unless you buy other things worth Ksh 5,000.

The owners of these supermarkets need to be arrested and charged ASAP.”

The government recently lowered the maize flour from Sh. 230 to 100. This was aimed to enlighten low earning Kenyans who couldn’t afford a meal even for a single day.


Just to serve as an example, Magunas Supermarket has portrayed what so many wholesale, Supermarkets and Retail shops are doing in advantage of suffering Citizens.

Is has also been noted that other shops are purchasing the same Unga at 100 shillings and selling at retail prices of over 200 shillings. The government should visit the ground and put things right.

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