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M-Kopa phones and their prices in Kenya.


M-Kopa is an organisation that offers long-term loans to its clients. The long term loans are given just to enable one buy an original phone.

Their loan is given is a very simple way. One just has make a decision on which phone he or she needs. Thereafter MKopa gives out the phone after making a deposit. You are therefore supposed to pay for the phone in order to be able to use the gadget.

After you finish paying for the loan tye phone remains yours for good and you do not have to pay again. This now drives us to the guestion on how to get MKopa products.

To purchase an Mkopa phone, Television, Solar, fridge, On JikoKoa you only have to visit the MKopa shop that is near you. For example in Nairobi Mkopa Shops are all over in town along Haile Selassie Road.

You can also visit MKopa website products page https://m-kopa.com/products/ and find out the available products. Nowadays communication has been made easy. You can also call Directly for MKopa products through the (Agent contact) phone number 0707333222, or WhatsApp through the WhatsApp number +254 799136761.

M-Kopa services are available in Uganda, Kenya and Nigeria.

M-Kopa phones and prices in Kenya

Mkopa phones and accessories in Kenya are the cheapest to afford. A Kenyan now can’t imagine owning a smart phone with as little as 60 shillings per day. Some of the phones avilable on MKopa are listed below.

1. Samsung Galaxy A12 and A22 – Mobile phone.

M-Kopa phones and their Deposit in Kenya 2022 / 2023

Samsung A03 CoreKsh2,499Sh 17,099
Samsung A02Ksh3,999Sh 24,074
Samsung A12sKsh4,499Sh 30,049
Samsung A22sKsh5,999Sh 37,024
Samsung A21sKsh5,000Unconfirmed
Nokia C01 PlusKsh2,499Sh 17,099
Nokia G10Ksh3,999Sh 24,074
Nokia G20Ksh4,999Sh 30,549
M-Kopa phones and their prices in Kenya 2022 / 2023

Samsung is one of the number one brand offering original products in the world. In Kenya acquiring Samsung A12 on Lipa mdogo Mdogo is very easy. According to the current market you only have to deposit 4500 shillings and own the phone. Thereafter you will be paying on daily installments of 60 or 75 shillings per day.

2. Nokia phone is also available on lipa Mdogo Mdogo. For more details on the Prices one is free to call 0707333222. Speaking to One of the agents in Nairobi Town, they also deliver the products to the door step depending on the location of the customer.

How to pay for an M-Kopa product.

Paying for Mkopa is very easy via paybill. First you need to load the amount into your M-Pesa account.

Go to M-Pesa and select Lipa na Mpesa.

Click on PayBill and enter the MKopa paybill 333222.

Enter the Amount and finally enter your secret pin as prompted.

Confirm you are paying M-KOPA KENYA LTD. Allow for tye transaction to complete. You will be notified how many days you have been awarded after paying through SMS.

How do I borrow money from M-KOPA?

Apart from M Kopa: phones, Tvs, Solar, lipa mdogo mdogo products in Nairobi they also offer Kopa Ksh loans.

How to get an M-Kopa Phone

Getting M-Kopa Phone is not that difficult to qualifying M-Kopa customers. Interested candidates are advised to contact +254707333222 and choose the phone of their interest.

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Features3.1″ Screen3000mah battery16GB memory8mp cameraAndroid 10 (Go edition)
SAMSUNG A10sFeatures6.2″ Screen
 4000mah battery 32GB memory13mp cameraAndroid 9.0, up to Android 10, One UI 2.0
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Features6.5″ Screen5000mah battery4GB/64GB memory48mp (+2mp) quad cameraAndroid 10
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Features6.5″ Screen4500mah battery32GB/64GB memory13mp cameraAndroid 10
How to pay for an M-Kopa product. Paying for Mkopa is very easy.To Pay for M-Kopa, follow the steps;
First you need to load the amount into your M-Pesa account.Go to M-Pesa and select Lipa na Mpesa.Click on PayBill and enter the MKopa paybill 333222.Enter the Amount and finally enter your secret pin as prompted.Confirm you are paying M-KOPA KENYA LTD.Press the refresh button.
How do you get An M-Kopa loan?To get M-Kopa phone in Kenya, Call 0709996000.
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