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KNEC rejects news on the KCPE/KCSE New exam calendar 2022

The examination board in the country has rejected circulating news on Social media. The news written by News Kali group had stated about the slight changes made by the Kenyan Nation Examination Council (KNEC) to the KCSE Timetable.

The writer went ahead stating the main cause of the change being unrest in schools that have caused to loss of Class Work Time.

The KNEC has asked Kenyans to keep off fake news and ignore fake reporters thus follow gazetted and verified updates. They termed News Nzuri Media Team News as FAKE.

On the Official KNEC handle, the organisation broke their silence asking all Students to prepare for the exams. “The KCPE/KCSE examinations scheduled for March and April 2022 will still go on. Ignore the contradicting reports.” They explained.


The contradiction have come out after Studends have been setting schools on fire. Some have burnt their dormitories sending uncovered messages to the government.

News Nzuri FAKE Post

News Nzuri stated that the major challenges that the 2021 KCSE candidates have been facing is the little teacher-student contact hours, which has lead to several instabilities as far as teaching and learning for better results in involved. This is as a result of the school untimely closure that was caused by the Covid-19 pandemic.

They also state this as the main issue giving pupils, students and teachers pressure. The uncontrolled pressure has stressed pupils hence causing strikes and riots across the country. Lately we witnessed The Ikuu Boys High School setting their Four Dorms on a blaze.


The kenya national examination is normally the last determination to a child’s life in the 8.4.4 curriculum. The results obtained at primary level after an 8 years course is a determiner to which secondary school one will join.

Same to the 4 year course in secondary school this also guides the ministry on how to place learners to universities, Colleges and Polytechnic for further tertiary studies. The level of performance in 8.4.4 is the key objective strived by every candidate hence leading to exam misconduct.

The Ministry together with other Stakeholders have come up with a new COMPETENCY BASED CURRICULUM. This aims to drive away the ill motives that better results is the key to success in life and enable children believe in their ability. The new curriculum is to enable a class teacher to be a more practical teacher and make the lesson Learner centred compered to previous in which the teacher was to lecture learners.

The new curriculum has been implemented targeting to enroll the sixth grade come the year 2022. The ministry plans to completely wave out the Old Curriculum by the year 2028. Just to make this a success, teachers have been trained on how to handle children in class.

However not all in Kenya have received this positively. The curriculum seems to be very expensive and time consuming. This has driven some prominent people in the country to seek Judicial intervention. The Law Society Of Kenya president Mr Nelson Havi filled a case in court over the parents complaints asking for the review of the New form of Education. is following the whole story and will report every move as case hearing kicks of in 2022

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