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Kenyas Blow: Dp William Ruto mourns Dr Stephen Mogusu

Deputy president William Ruto leads Kenyans to mourn the demise of Dr Stephen Mogusu. He said Mogusu was a brilliant medic. He was dedicated to his profession to save lives more so during this COVID-19 error.

“We are saddened by the loss of Dr Stephen Mogusu, a brilliant and selfless medic who was dedicated to deliver critical care and support to our country during this COVID-19 crisis.”

“His death, and that of other healthcare workers, is a demonstration that we must deploy all our energies and resources to protect and save our heroes at the frontline from this pandemic at this particular time. Kenyans too must be protected from this ravage.”

“Our thoughts are with Dr Mogusu’s family, their loved ones and colleagues at this sorrowful moment. Rest In Peace.”


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