Kali ni kali is a Swahili sheng’ language meaning best is always best. As much as music is concerned hit music remains hit music.

Kali ni Kali Citizen Tv will be aired on the royal media national television. The show scheduled to begin on 7th March 2022 at 5 Pm.

It is a music show that will represent all diverse languages in the country. That means Music will be played from all parts of the country.

Citizen Tv Live shows happen to be shifting the goals. This is after the show lineup consists of more Kenyan Made content. Thus draws to a question is the channel has already Surrendered to Eric Omondi’s Play 70% Ke content.

Check out for the Live news ,Citizen tv local shows, like Sultana, Kali ni Kali and Paa set to Premier soon.


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