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How to Switch to Airtel and enjoy 4G superfine Internet for FREE

Kenyans buy and Switch to Airtel to enjoy Superfine 4G Internet.

This is after many complaints brought up by Kenyans on Twitter KOT and Kenyans on Social Media (KSM).

There has been rumours circulating across the country that Safaricom bundle packages are too expensive to afford.

The reality of the matter is not yet confirmed by the Telecommunications company since it is also believed Safaricom is the only company offering better and stable network across the Country.


Dwelling on the business competition point, Airtel is up to see it ranks alongside Safaricom.

This is after the introduction of 4G network with cheaper and affordable bundles. Kenyans can now enjoy Airtel 2GB data bundles costing 99 Shillings for 3 days.

Or a 50 Bob daily Data bundles of 600MBs. More packages from the screenshot above.

Finally, Switching to Airtel network is quite an easy process. You only require to visit an Airtel Shop or dealer and purchase an Airtel sim card for only 20/= Kenya Shillings. You will be registered at the same dealer Shop and walk away enjoying the 4G Internet services.

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