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How Deputy President William Ruto was received in Mwiki Nairobi


Deputy President William Ruto News on how he was received in Mwiki hunting for their support in 2022 General Elections. The crowd could not give him time to speak at first as it chanted on top of their voices “Ruto, Ruto, Ruto.”

Deputy President William Ruto expressed his gratitude calling out the citizens not allow position seekers into office. Not directly pointing at anyone but it is clearly evident that he was referring to the Right Hon Raila Odinga who is the Key competitor in the race to the state house.

Deputy President has been noted in disagreement with Raila Odinga over the Constitution that was to be amended through the Handshake bill that was rejected and stop by the Judiciary. Compains in Kenya are becoming rampant just recently the two have been seen taking a better part of the week in Nairobi complaining for their position.

on 15th Raila was in Thika where he launched his presidential campaign at the same time campaign for Voters registration.

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