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How Community Based Learning Should be done in kenya

Teachers to embrace Community Based Learning starting Today


Teachers Service Commission in line with the Education department has ordered for teachers to pick up tools and resume work.

The highly hit section of the government “Education” by Covid 19 had left parents at a shock Together with their children and teachers too.

More so teachers in the private schools and board teachers have had it rough since March not receiving payments and some being served with dismissal letters.


Embracing the NYUMBA kumi initiative the government has urged all TSC employees to register their details and their locations in which they are …..


However teachers have also assured that this plan will work 100% if all stakeholders will be involved and work together.

The clear guideline on what is to be taught and how it should be delivered to the Lerner is yet to be communicated.


Moving Together

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Primary and secondary school head teachers who spoke to The Standard yesterday said they have been instructed to be in school at least once a week to monitor the learning programme.

This means that schools might be the target venues of the community-based teaching programme after it emerged that most urban estates may not have adequate open spaces for learning.

“Most villages and estates do not have halls or huge open spaces to facilitate this kind of learning. This means that schools will be used to teach,” said one secondary school teacher.

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