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How Circumcision takes place among the Luhya Community

Circumcision ceremonies still going on Despite Corona Virus graph rising.

In western Kenya the government has tried to tighten the strings against the after two years circumcision ceremonies.

The government cushioned the practitioners to cease from the act because it does not encourage social distance and use of masks.

All family members were asked to stop and take their children to hospitals for circumcision. This has been hard to follow as the government has failed to follow up and enforce the orders.


How the act is done.

A boy transactions from childhood to adulthood is allowed to knock the chinyimba – bukusu as a crowd follows and sings traditionalsongs.

It moves in the village and home to home inviting all members of the community to converge at home ground on a given date.

On the date the boy comes from the uncle’s home sides with presents. The same night the invited guests feast the whole night on BUSAA And Chang’aa as they sing.

In the morning the boy is circumcised.

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