Raila Odinga congratulates Bonchari Mp Elect Pavel Oimeke!

Congratulations to Bonchari Mp Elect Pavel Oimeke! The win in the just concluded by-election is a clear demonstration of the unwavering support and love for the ODM party.

Governor Ongwae, the Kisii ODM team, the Abagusii community and the entire family of ODM, kazi mzuri!

Raila Odinga Reacts on abuse of police powers

What we have witnessed in the by-elections in Bonchari and Juja is an abuse of police powers and an arrogant display of IMPUNITY by a few overzealous and bellicose government functionaries.

An election process is an opportunity for the voters to express their will at the ballot and not an avenue to pursue IMAGINARY and SHORT-LEGGED political interests.

Security forces exist to serve the people and not the interests of those out to conduct political experiments.

The peaceful co-existence post-2018 must NOT be taken for granted by some rogue elements wanting to confuse the HANDSHAKE for an excuse to ERODE our hard-earned liberties!
This must STOP!

Bonchari Mp Elect Pavel Oimeke!
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