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Court ruling on the BBI report that brought political divisions in the country.

BBI NIGHT of horror!
The 14 declarations that saw off the BBI REGGAE

1). Civic Education, Public participation, views collection … referendum…
Illegal process!

2). President has no authority to initiate a constitution amendment.

3). Steering committee of BBI is illegal and unconstitutional.


4). Unlawful steering committee on BBI has legal capacity to initiate any constitution change.

5). BBI process illegal.

6). Mr Uhuru Kenyatta has contravened the constitution.

7). Entire unconstitutional change process is null and void .

8). The process cannot be subjected to a referendum.

9). IEBC has no quorum to conduct its business.

10). Collection of signatures was illegal.

11). The absence of a legal framework to govern signatures collection making the whole process null and void.

12). Only IEBC can dish out constituencies.

13). Administrative procedure of signature verification is null and void.

14). A permanent injunction is issued to IEBC from undertaking any referendum.

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