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Handshake: Azimio, Kenya Kwanza agree to have talks

Former Nigerian President Obasanjo to facilitate talks between Azimio One-Kenya and Kenya Kwanza

Azimio La Umoja Oke Kenya coalition has now bowed to president William Rutos call and agreed to have talks with the ruling government. They have also agreed allowing Former Nigerian President Obasanjo to facilitate talks.

This follows the call on Ruto’s side saying he is ready to discuss with Azimio principal Raila Odinga. On Odinga’s side, he urged clearing the claims that he is pushing for ‘Nusu Mukate’ saying his love for Kenyans is what propels his anti-government-ism.

Raila Odinga’s Handshake with William Ruto is one of the long awaited in the country that has been torn apart by political divide. Raila on his side has been punching the government for the increased cost of ling while Ruto holds that it is the betterment of the nation that he has to introduce more taxing tactics.

The boiling pot between Azimio and Kenya Kwanza was even worsened by the passing of the Financial Act 2023 which is suspected to impose an even more heavy tax burden on Kenyans of the lower class.


Mediation and agreement by Azimio and Kenya Kwanza will help calm down the political anxiety in the country where Maandamano has been even used to force the government pay attention to citizen cries.

The maandamano strategy by Azimio has, however, been accused to have caused economic sabotage by the ruling government. Apart from sabotage, lives have also been claimed during maandamano as property vandalism has also been a major effect.

Kenyans have congratulated President William Ruto for accepting to hold talks with Raila Odinga saying it will lead to a better and peaceful Nation.


"We, the leadership of Azimio la Umoja One Kenya Coalition Party, having consulted with the leadership of Kenya Kwanza under the facilitation of H.E. Olusegun Obasanjo on the state of our nation,

DESIROUS of a democratic and peaceful resolution of issues that beset our nation,

EXPRESSING our condemnation and regret on the violence that has visited our nation with loss of life, serious injuries and the destruction of property,

AFFIRMING our commitment to adherence to the Constitution and the Rule of Law,

DETERMINED to resolve our differences amicably for the benefit of all our people,

WE HAVE THEREFORE AGREED with KENYA KWANZA to establish a committee of ten (10), composed of five members each from Azimio La Umoja and Kenya Kwanza as follows:"
  • Four(4) members from outside Parliament; two(2) from each side,
  • The Leaders of Majority and Minority from the National Assembly,
  • Four (4) additional Members of Parliament; two (2) from each side.
  • Further details on this initiative shall be communicated in due course.

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