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COVID-19 hits the business sector badly.

COVID-19 is the pandemic that arose from China lately the year 2019 in December. The disease is said to have no cure and at the same time it does not have any vaccine. It is highly spread through the air and it’s contagious meaning it can be spread from one person to another very easily.

Corona Virus has been spread over the world and many business sectors have been affected and almost all sectors of the daily activities have also been affected.

When pandemic landed in the country Kenya, many sectors were affected just to mention the education sector was the first to be closed down, the Airways who shot to prevent the spread of the coronavirus, companies started shutting down and reducing the number of people working in as per the guidelines of the ministry of health, religious gatherings were suspended for an untimely duration, the tourism sector was also hit after the Airways were closed since we couldn’t get more visitors and tourists in that sector, we also got a hit in the transport sector where by the Ministry of Education advised people to reduce movements from one place to another unless necessary this was just and measure to put in place in order to prevent the spread of the virus.

How the virus is spread

Coronavirus can be spread from one person to another through

  1. Coughing when you encounter and intermingle with saliva from a coughing person who is infected.
  2. Touching places that have been infected by the virus for example when you touch a table that has the virus and you touch your eyes you are nose all your mouth

Effects of coronavirus to the economy

  1. After business associate companies were shut many workers lost their jobs, and these workers are taxpayers with no income the government loses the tax that it collects from its citizens
  2. The tourism sector lost its business and this is a very huge loss to its financial year budget and expectations.
  3. Industries suffer a big loss because exports a rather expensive and also market to their commodities have reduced.
  4. Coronavirus has on the other hand lifted the companies making the masks end-stop detergents at the same time not leaving out the companies providing and supplying sanitizers.
  5. The transport sector is also suffering a big lost after the government banned transportation of people in and out of some counties which is at this time lifted
  6. The political sector is still suffering up to now since the ban of political gatherings in the country.

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