Business Prank: Man attacked at the Market place.

A woman calls her husband who has gone to work.

Woman: Baby, buy me Yam at the market when U get back from work.
Husband: OK. But I gave you the money when I left the house this morning, right?

Woman: Yes, baby. I’m tired. My legs are weak, I have spinal cord injury I can’t even walk…please Do that for me, sorry!
Husband: OK, see you later.

A few minutes later, the husband calls the woman back.
Husband: Honey, help! Come quickly, to the market. The lady selling the yam grabbed me by the neck and said that I was responsible for her pregnancy.
Woman: What? Baby I’m coming in a minute.

Arrived at the market she calls her husband to know his position.
Woman: Hello baby, I’m already here. Where are you ?
Husband: I’m still at work. Buy your yam and go home quietly.

🤓🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣Between the man and the woman who is wise?

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