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TONGAREN: Man found DEAD in river MABUSI

Residents of Mabusi and Tongaren in Bungoma County, Tongaren Constituency have rescued a body of unknown person who had found drowned in the river. Local has said that a man is likely to have come from KATIMBA area since he is unknown to the Residence and the locals around that place and the river.

The incident has shocked many since all people from Tongaren including bodaboda riders have all come in to witness the incident.

Rituals of cleansing the area and the river in which the man was found has been going on as the locals refused to give out any other information concerning the incident and the recovered body until the police and the area offices come in and confirm the issue.

Information that we are yet to get from the parents and the area chief is being followed since a short discussion has been going on concerning the body among the chief the area offices and the family members.


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