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Bobi Wine Ugandan opposition leader arrested


Bobi Wine Ugandan opposition leader arrested


He confirmed that the comrades Nubian Li, Eddie Mutwe and about 18 others (mostly our security team) are being held incommunicado in a military barracks in Masaka! Wine said as soon as they reached Masaka police station, they were profiled and separated from the rest.

“We fear that they are being tortured by Brig Sande and his people. You all remember that hateful man called Brig. Deus Sande who said they can never hand over power! The desperate regime plans to hold some of these comrades until after elections, in the hope that they can weaken us.”

The opposition leader also indicated that all leaders of NUP and candidates at different levels have also been put on notice.

“Knowing that he can never win us in an election, Museveni hopes to disorganise us by arresting our critical leaders so that he can rig elections with reckless abandon! We are aware of all these plans. The world is watching.”

In total breach of the law, lawyers, family members and doctors were denied access to the arrested comrades! Our legal team and other leaders are however still doing their best to get access to these comrades first and foremost, and see how to secure their release.

He said they have received information that the comrades detained at Masaka Police Station were last night tortured. Over 40 comrades are still in detention at Kalangala.

Kyangulanyi said Gen. Museveni is very desperate, but no level of desperation can save him from the inevitable fall that awaits him. Freedom is coming.

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