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BBI: What Raila Odinga did in Msambweni left everyone including Uhuru shocked?

The ODM party leader RAILA ODINGA led campaign for Msambweni. His campaign went against the COVID-19 Containment measures.


“Looking at this crowd, and with hindsight of exhortations about containment protocols @MOH_Kenya, now am in agreement doctors and COVID-19 are secondary to BBI and parliamentary elections. Mungu mbele…”

“TheODMparty’s agenda for the Coast as captured in the BBI bill with the people of Kwale County. We look forward to peaceful and orderly elections starting with the upcoming one in Msambweni as our nation moves into the future.”

Covid 19

The government raised the rules to guide the country on containing the spread of coronavirus. The major Restriction was to ban all political rallies that bring large masses of people together. Raila goes to Msambweni and breaks the rules risking the lives of Kenyans he claims he cares about.


One simple question is, if RAILA has the citizens at heart, then he must avoid risking their lives so that they can also benefit from the BBI He is fighting for.

TWITTER- Reactions

1. Everest- You see people dyeing and you still gather big crowds in the name of BBI! Then one wonders why doctors are on strike!

2. Onguso- Na COVID-19? You are creating more work for a healthcare system that’s already crippled!

3. Francis– Impunity, probably you are not following ministry of health guidelines, this gatherings will increase covid-19 infections and deaths, kindly don’t kill people.

4. Dancan– How do you expect us to trust you with leadership of the country if you cannot adhere to the health protocols in a pandemic, puting the lives of thousands at risk just in the name of BBI? May it never see the light of day

5. Godwin– If both Ruto, Mudavadi, Kalonzo, Wetangula, Ababu Namwamba, Aden Duala just to mention few who were strong Baba’s supporters defected both of them accusing him of one thing selfishness. Why do Kenyans still believe that this man cares about our lives and Kenya. He’s hypocritical

6. Moya– It is unacceptable that the top three politicians in the country continue to breach international Covid19 guidelines and hold super-spreader events. What a shameful situation. The change Kenya needs will not come from @RailaOdinga or @WilliamsRuto they are part of the problem..

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