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‘Baby Sagini is under State protection as case proceeds.’ [Latest News]

Baby Sagini Latest News

Young boy by the name Baby Sagini whose eyes were gouged out in Kisii has been place under state protection. Baby sagini is currently 3 Years old.

The lawyer holding a brief of the young boy said anyone who wishes to offer some help must be ready to comply with the law.

Lawyer George Moraa prioritized the interest and safety of the victim of torture first indicating that the due process must be followed.

All this comes after the 3-years went missing early December and later found dumped in a maize plantation in one of his relatives farm. This was in Marani, Kisii county and confirmed eyes were gouged out.


Following an interview with Daily Nation, Mr. Moraa calmed Kenyans dismissing former governor Mike Sonko’s claims. Sonko had said that a politician in Kisii had blocked him from flying Baby Sagini Junior abroad to receive specialised treatment.

“Mike Sonko is free to help the child. The only key point should be that he follows the the law if he genuinely wishes to help.”

This all security surrounding Baby Sagini follows a court order that the child should be place under the protection of the Child Welfare Society of Kenya.


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