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Amelia Becky Citizen Tv, Biography, Real Name, Age, Tribe, Husband and Networth

Who is Amelia of Becky Citizen Tv?

Amelia is a female actress in Becky Citizen Tv Show. She plays the role of a mother to Lexy. Amelia is a woman of circumstances where she is abandoned by her own daughter because of wealth.

Amelia, who had lost her daughter, finds it hard to reunite after Lexy is possessed with wealth.

Becky Citizen tv show is one of the most watched TV shows in the media industry. It airs on Citizen Tv from 7.30 to 8 pm immediately after nipashe news on Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday, and Friday.

Becky citizen tv Live today full episode, can be accessed through Viusasa App and the official YouTube channel. Watching today’s episode and Becky tomorrow’s episode gives fans a hint of what happens ahead of everyone else.


Amelia executes her role perfectly in Becky Citizen Tv Show. Her real name is not yet revealed.

Amelia age ranges between 45 – 55 years old. Her marriage status remains private.

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