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About Vituko Za Wahito and Comedy on Viusasa

Vituko Za Wahito is a Comedy Film.

The laugh industry has never been a walk in the park. From the word laugh it means making the audience fall into laughter for you to have a personal remark as “Objective Achieved.”

The industry is packed with experienced artists like Churchill. Churchill Show has been up and shining for a long time grabbing all the Kenyans concentration whenever they want to smile.

Churchill Show to the side, an upcoming Comedy is growing that is set and predicted to outweigh Churchill if the pase remains constant.

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1. Vituko vya wahito is one of the upcoming comedy plays in the country. It is available on Viusasa where subscribers are free to watch and share with friends.

Viusasa is a mobile App and web that gives platform for Creative content creators to showcase their talents as they earn some income from it.

2. Onsongo Comedy: The second upcoming young Comedian is Onsongo. He is a very young boy but confident and creative beyond measures. Onsongo Comedies are always shares through the official channel.

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