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The best way to distribute your music on Skiza, Youtube, Ngomma Market, Triple P (PPP) & more with Africa’s No.1 digital distribution platform and Online Management

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Experienced hands-on Chief Executive Officer with expertise in Rights Management, Premium Content Aggregation & Distribution, Business Development, Online Marketing and Operations.

By combining the inherent synergies of Ngomma’s Content Aggregation, Online Brand Communications and Mobile VAS Solutions business units, we are able to present a one-stop shop for corporate brands and content creators to achieve their business goals through powerful audience growth strategies and real-people based targeting.

The emergence of new technological developments resulted in disruption of how the people consumed and interacted with content. In the same breathe, brand communications is also being affected by how now consumers communicate and consume information.

For creatives, Ngomma has created an ecosystem that draws audiences to content while at the same time making the best curated selections easily surface to the public. This is also designed to offer viability and scalability to ensure that our creative partners make the most out of the new digital opportunities currently available. In addition, using their creative content, Ngomma is focused on creating partnerships between creatives with corporate brands to monetize their influence.

For corporate bodies, the main aim is to represent a brand’s core values in manner that fulfils the listening audiences’ expectations and leaving target consumers consistently satisfied. This is achieved by using real-people based campaigns, online and offline, that produce positive brand associations. This is by applying appropriate creatives and formats on relevant online platforms, and also by using the right micro & macro influencers. This is designed to build a loyal consumer for the brand, vital for brand consideration and lead generation during customer journeys.

YouTube Management and Monetization



Make the most out of your YouTube strategy. We offer assistance to a artists/channel owner in areas such as “product, programming, funding, cross-promotion, partner management, digital rights management and monetization/sales”. Skiza Service Provider

Skiza tune is a customized ring-back service by Safaricom which enables you to entertain your callers with your favourite sound or music tunes. Improve The Sound Quality Of Your Tracks With Our Mastering Services

In today’s music industry, there is a set, quality standard across the board. Listeners, labels, and other forms of artist support, look for albums that provide a similar quality sound to those that are making millions. Perhaps you are the most talented musician ever and you have written the greatest album in the world! Without a polished, quality sounding recording, your audio is going to go straight into the trash of any representative or executive you send it to. Our mastering provides balance across the stereo field and enhances the overall dynamics. Connect with Skilled Music Video Directors and Photographers

Need a great music video, music video directors and photography companies to connect talent to video production specialists or want to make more music videos for great artists? Ngomma can put you in touch with the directors, labels, managers or artists you need. – We help labels, managers & artists get great videos on affordable budgets. – We help directors progress their careers via our Emerging Director Framework. – We never promote requests to make music videos for free. Our Vision is to create a unique collaboration of some of the most creative and innovative music video directors in the game. Get a Professional Artist Website Developed

Create a mobile-friendly web experience your fans will love. Stream tracks, share videos, build your email list, grow your social media presence, and sell music and merchandise. Ngomma works with the best tech heads in the ecosystem to develop and deploy the most powerful all-in-one artist websites and online promotion platforms available to musicians. Collect Song Writing Royalties

The songs you write generate over a dozen royalties when they’re sold, streamed, or performed live. You can’t get these royalties yourself without a publishing administrator. Ngomma not only collects these royalties for you, but also helps you get your music placed in film, TV, commercials & more. License Your Music

Impress, Inform And Entertain your callers with our Music-On-Hold services. We offer premium Music-On-Hold services that utilize on caller waiting time to boost revenues, improve caller retention and enhance the caller experience. Our custom music on hold services are fully accessible to all businesses with our budget-friendly pricing plans. Work with the Best Stylists and Fashion Professionals in the Business

Need a stylist for your upcoming video shoot? How about an outfit for that red carpet show just around the corner? Ngomma can connect you to a number of professional stylists who can work with you based on your budget. Talk to us today.

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