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Worrying Dp William Ruto and Raila Odinga make promises

As Kenya heads to the next general elections, top politicians have become restless each asking citizens to vote them in as a successor to H.E Uhuru Kenyatta.

Dp William Ruto with Bottom-Up Economic Model

Deputy President William Ruto has been using this slogan of Channeling Economic growth from the bottom level citizens. He calls them The Hustlers forming the Hustler Nation.

Indeed he is as he runs his campaign doing so by empowering citizen with capital to start businesses and Tools to develop their projects. This tools are like wheelbarrows and Mkokoteni.

Although it is criticised but truth be told. He is doing it and indeed it is a good start. But Kenyans are asking a bold question, Politics is politics, incase he is given a ticket to State House, will he forget the Empowerment he already started and promised the Hustlers or he will continue even improving on it.


Citizens have learnt lessons from the previous political class who have been promising big things like tarmac roads, jobs, lowered taxes, but ended up to 0 percent fulfillment.

He gives a Thumbs up to A business opportunity that will offer a decent life desired by Kenyans.

He says foe example Jim Muriithi Ngondi, a water vendor in Karurumo area of Runyenjes Constituency descent business dream, will not be achieved through the sustained calls for the change of the Constitution merely to benefit leaders but a deliberate plan that will present economic opportunities to every ordinary Kenyan. That is what informs their Bottom-Up Economic Model and getting their priorities right.

Raila Odinga’s plan

On the other hand Raila Odinga has been sported making his promises too. He has first of all promised to Finance all Poor families with a monthly salary of 6,000 Kenya shillings. Kenyans are also not very sure if this is a political booster.

However the church fraternity has urged all Kenyans to listen keenly to everyone who is making statements and find some little truth from their eyes. Kenyans have been urged to take seriously their democratic right and make a choice for the Republic of Kenya.

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