Why betting can make you rich within 24 hours

Betting as believed by many people, it can make you a millionaire within 24hrs. Incase you don’t know this is what happens.

If you are an online gamer,, placing a bet is a matter of odds. A person betting with over 100 odds risks being a millionaire.

Incase you place a bet with 100 odds with only 100 shillings you find out that possible win is a million plus.

Remember never to be addicted,,, if losing is more than winning give yourself a break.

How betting can make you poor?

Just like being a millionaire betting can also make you a poor person ever existing on this world. Many people become poor through betting,,, this is what happens,,,

when you channel your funds to any betting company you expect winning but when you lose then that is a loss to you and your family.

Betting daily with 100 and no winning just to use as an example 100 for 30 days is 100*30=3000

When you lose 3000 per month for a whole year 12 month is 3000*12=36000. Bet responsibly.

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