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Willy Paul and Alaine – Shado Mado



If you knew Willy’s plea to re-unite with Alaine Singah was because he was to unleash this jam hit a like👇🏽👌🏽 hahaha 😂😂💯💯

Another one from #Saldidoh. Pozze bls up…Go!Go!Go.Liiiit🔥🔥.Your star is shinning really bright.Humbling will take you faaar

Why don’t I see Jamaican Comments? Is it that Bundles in Jamaica are very Expensive. Weh unu at mi Jamaican people?

Idle kenyans won’t let me comment first😂😂 Willy paul my all time favourite😍😍

Pozze and Alaine should make an album 💯💯 their chemistry is what we called exothermic reaction back in highschool😂😂. Konkiii👊👊💯

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