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Willis Raburu Leaves (RMS) Citizen Tv after 13 Years

TV Personality Willis Raburu is set to quit Royal Media’s Citizen Tv this week.

According to Willis Raburu, he will set his last nail to his presence at Royal Media Services as he moves into exploration of new potentials.

"I have made the decision to leave the Royal Media Services, and it's been a tough decision, but they have been so gracious to me from the time I tendered in my resignation... It has been an amazing transition, and they have shown me so much grace," Raburu said.

Why Willis Raburu has decided to leave Citizen Tv.

Willis Raburu is quitting Citizen Tv in order to have a break from 13 years of work. He wants to rest and continue with his Masters studies at USIU on strategic communication and communication development.

"You want to ask me what next?
Well, I want to rest, I want to take a breather. Step back, look at everything, share the knowledge I have on the book, and also continue with my Masters at USIU, which is on strategic communication and also Communication Development. So, for now, that remains my focus." Raburu added.


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