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William Ruto: Deputy President Monthly Salary, Biography, Net worth and Wealth

Deputy President Monthly Salary – William Ruto

Deputy President Monthly Salary Exposed by the top Blogger in the Country Mr Robert Alai. Robert Alai who Made his remarks concerning The Deputy president, first implied the Civil Servant in question is paid for not working.

“His full Salary and allowances while saying he has no job. Very Selfish person”

This same remarks have been made by top politicians in the country after H.E William Ruto complained being thrown out of the government he made and his duties reduced.

Deputy President Monthly pay, Pay slip – By Robert Alai

Basic Salary1,487,500
House Allowance204,347
Vehicle Mileage Allowance103,652
Gross Salary1,919,499
NSSF Deductions200
HSSF Deductions1,700
Eldoret North Coop50,000
Child Support Deductions (NBK A/C)100,000
Pension Fund95,974.95
Total Deductions760,929.31
Net Salary1,158,569.69
Net Salary Pay slip – March 2022

After posting this Pay slip Online, KoT have expressed their side feeling over the same. This has raised a mixed reaction that wont be evaded. Some have questioned the source and authenticity of the Deputy President’s pay-slip and his basic Salary.


KoT – Kenyans On Twitter reactions on Deputy President Monthly Salary

1. DAVID – When, who said he has no job? Who doesn’t know he has a job? Anyway, none of my mercenary business.

2. ABU – When Kenya Kwanza takes power, these forgery cases will have to be dealt with. All fake documents online have your signature.

3. MELY – All public service payslips are IPPD generated. Be abit clever sometimes.

4. JEFF – You don’t fire yourself just because your boss doesn’t want to assign you work duties. DP has never refused to perform any job given to him by his boss. His duties were given to someone else and I don’t see why he should not collect his salary.

6. DAVID – If we employ you today and don’t give you any work to do but come end of the month we pay you salary, will you say No don’t pay? Or will you opt to resign because you were not assigned work? Why didn’t RAO remain in opposition? Kenyans are opportunistic all inclusive. No holy one.

7. SULTAN – When he was subjected to a similar condition, Igathe resigned. A man of true character. Mr in 6months time, says he was denied duties, from one side of the mouth, then says, “kama ni mambo ya hii barabara, tulipanga pamoja” confirming he “works” when convenient for him.

8. MOYEN – It’s his constitutional right to get salary. What he is missing is political good will from his boss who is also Azimio chairman. That’s why his persived roles was given to some people.

9. Gidraf – This is what you call job? Which school did you attend,that you don’t differentiate pay slip and responsibilities

10. @WASHIKAKEN – His P9 form would’ve been more authentic, hii ya river road you can only convince fellow fishermen.


William Rito Net Worth 2022,2023

H.E Deputy President William Ruto has an Estimated Net-Worth of 4,500,0000,000 Kenya Shillings. That is $450 Million.


H.E William Ruto was born on 21 December 1966. He is 55 Years old.

Father / Mother

William Ruto is the son to Mzee Daniel Cheruiyot and Mama Sarah Cheruiyot.


Rachel Ruto.

Tambua Africa Reporter

Blogger and news writer at Tambua Africa News.

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