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Why Carrol Sonie broke up with Mulamwah the Luhya Comedian

We are no longer an item. Carol Muthoni Mostly known as Carrol Sonie confirms to her fans. She is the girlfriend to the Luhya Comedian popularly known as Mulamwah.

Mulamwah has been an all time Heartbroken Comedian who once wrote to social media explaining his exit from the comedy industry. He was spotted burning his comedy coat in bitterness. This came as a result of online criticism concerning his talent in Comedy.

Mulamwah who happens to have grown to a shock absorber now posts his privacy and private life not bothering what Netizens will comment.

He again on the same day posts his news catch. Are they really in love or she is after money. Questions rise…

Mulamwah making Love

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