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New Police Uniform Kenya 2023, Colour and Design

Please help Kenya Police choose their new uniform

In a bid to modernize its image, Kenya’s National Police Service recently unveiled new uniform designs that will soon replace the current persian blue regalia.

Introduced in 2018, the current Police uniform has become synonymous with the police force. However, the decision to update the attire aims to create a fresh and more contemporary look for officers across the country.

The new designs incorporate elements of functionality, comfort, and professionalism, while still maintaining the recognizable identity of the police service.

With this change, the National Police Service hopes to enhance the public’s perception and confidence in law enforcement.


Please help Kenya Police choose their new uniform

Kenyans Input: The task force on the improvement of the conditions of service of the National Police Service (NPS) and Kenya Police Service (KPS) has been diligently collecting valuable input from various stakeholders on a range of issues, including the matter of uniforms.

This comprehensive approach aims to incorporate diverse perspectives to ensure any potential improvements to the uniforms align with the needs and preferences of the NPS and KPS personnel.

By engaging these dedicated professionals in the decision-making process, the task force endeavours to enhance the overall working conditions and satisfaction of the brave men and women serving in the NPS and KPS.

On February 13, IG Japhet Koome, along with a few junior officers, proudly wore the new uniform. This significant event marked a moment of change and unity within the department.

The fresh uniforms not only exuded professionalism but also reflected a sense of pride and commitment to their duties.

The sight of the officers donning the new attire created a refreshing atmosphere, symbolizing a fresh start and a new chapter in their service.

As they stood together, the New Police uniforms became a representation of their collective mission to serve and protect.

It is through such gestures that departments not only inspire their officers but also foster a sense of camaraderie and purpose within their ranks.

The National Police Service recently announced their invitation to the Kenyan public to participate in a public consultation exercise.

The purpose of this exercise is to gather opinions and feedback regarding the proposed new police uniform for the Kenya Police Service.

NPS emphasized the importance of public participation in the selection process and encouraged citizens to take part.

By actively engaging in this process, Kenyans can contribute to shaping the future appearance of the new police uniform.

Together, through open dialogue and collaboration, the National Police Service aims to enhance the representation and effectiveness of the Kenya Police Service.

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