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Tour Inside Willy Paul New Private Matatu

Former gospel singer and Currently secular music star Willy Paul AKA WillyPozze launches his private matatu.

The Matatu is set to hit the private transport sector where TamTam hit maker says it will create employment opportunities in the country.

“Hii gari itaendeshwa na driver. Already imecreate employment kwa sababu si self drive.”

The bus also has some decorations and graffiti of which he handsomely payed the designer.


After taking a tour Inside WillyPozze private matatu, their are a few modifications just to make sure the passenger doesn’t get bored but remains entertained and comfortable.

1. Well fitted Screens for entertainment

Starting with the drivers seat, it is one of the most comfortable office all drivers dream of when executing their duties. Sticking to the front VIP seat the driver and the front occupant have a fixed screen that they can watch movies / music as they drive along.

Screens are also fixed behind from which the passengers at the back can also watch. More so every seat has a screen. According to WillyPaul every person in the Matatu had control over what he or she wants to watch. And if he or she feels not to the turns off at own comfort.

Will Paul takes a photo beside his new private Matatu.

Sound System.

Apart from the TV screens, Willy Paul has also invested in very expensive sound speakers. They are fixed beneath the chair. After we questioned about the noise, he replied saying the driver has the ability to regulate the volumes to avoid unnecessary noise in his bus.

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